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The Second Chance Reauthorization Act

As a result of the Second Chance Act, states have seen a dramatic decrease in recidivism as tens of thousands of returning citizens were served through faith-based mentoring, substance abuse treatment, and other evidence-based reentry programs made available through the Second Chance Act. These critical programs are in jeopardy if Congress doesn’t reauthorize the act.

Your representative needs to hear from you today about just how important this bill is to restoring lives, families, and protecting communities! 

Will you contact your representative, and ask him or her to co-sponsor the Second Chance Reauthorization Act? The more co-sponsors the bill has, the more likely it will pass through the House! Contacting your representative will only take a minute or two using our easy advocacy tool below. If your representative is already a co-sponsor, our tool will allow you to automatically send them a “thank-you” message.