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Raise Your Voice for a Comprehensive Criminal Justice Bill

Will you send a message to your House representative asking him or her to support comprehensive criminal justice reform that will give people in prison access to the transformational programming they need? This is your chance to help men and women earn back the public’s trust and return home from prison as good neighbors.

Since November 2015, the House’s Judiciary Committee has passed several critical criminal justice bills, including the Sentencing Reform Act, the Corrections and Recidivism Risk Reduction Act, and the Second Chance Reauthorization Act. Together these bills would reduce disproportionate sentences for non-violent drug offenses, expand programming and incentivize rehabilitation for federal prisoners, and protect public safety by ensuring reentry support for Americans returning home after incarceration.
But these bills have yet to make it to the House floor for a vote. Let’s urge the House to bring them up together. They are each strong bills that would have a positive impact on the restorative nature of our system, but in conjunction with one another, they would make a huge difference!
Contact your representative today to urge him or her to support these important bills using our tool below.